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  Avengers Day Party!

Berserker #1

Marvel’s Avengers Day Party to take place at Crush Comics on May 19th, 2010

Stop in to receive a limited edition print with the purchase of Avengers #1 (while supplies last) and purchase exclusive Avengers #1 variants!

Castro Valley, Ca– Crush Comics in association with Marvel Comics is pleased to announce the official Marvel Avengers Day Party all day Wednesday, May 19th. Fans of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and all things Marvel are invited to come in and celebrate the release of the new Avengers series penned by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by John Romita Jr. during this all-day event.  Guests will have the chance to pick up a FREE exclusive limited edition print (with the purchase of Avengers #1) featuring Romita Jr.’s “I Am An Avenger” images, plus exclusive Avengers Day party variants of Avengers #1 will be on-sale to celebrate the launch of Avengers #1, a title kicking off a new Heroic Age at Marvel.

“As Marvel ushers in the Heroic Age, we wanted a chance to celebrate with our greatest fans as Avengers #1 signifies a whole new era for the Marvel Universe,” says Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales and Circulation Publishing David Gabriel.  “Bendis and Romita Jr. are making Marvel history and we wanted to share in this momentous day with our fans and retail partners.”

Swing by Crush Comics on May 19th for your copy of Avengers #1 and a free limited edition print at the Marvel Avengers party.  Avenger fans assemble!